Why The White Oaks Villas are Perfect for Dream Holidays in Mauritius for honeymooners and families?

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March 28, 2018

We humans, since the dawn of our species, have had an affinity for pure and lush natural beauty. We dwelled forests and enjoyed nature in its unadulterated and exotic form. Each turn came with blossoming flowers, tropical flavors, bright golden sunsets, and refreshing breezes. We still yearn it, and that is why we take holidays to places that offer the richest and alluring forms of nature’s beauty.
Why Choose Mauritius?

We get up one day, and we realize that we are not looking forward to seeing our workplace or our college anymore. We are unhappy and frustrated. It is the simple mundaneness of unchangingness that makes us unwilling to do anything.

Mauritius provides the perfect gateway by combining the two elements of change and our innate love for nature. Famous for its glimmering white sandy beaches, and lagoons surrounded by luxurious greenery, Mauritius offers its tourists with almost every luxury imaginable. It is a melting pot of cultures with people belonging to different ethnicities enriching the experience of the tourists visiting.

The enthralling biodiversity, delectable foods, a range of different sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, kayaking, fishing, hikes through jungles, dazzling shopping malls, resorts, and affordable villas offered that make this place rightly renowned for being a dream destination.

The White Oaks Villas
Once you have chosen your holiday destination, then comes the turn of deciding where to live while you’re there. Mauritius villas are famous for their affordability, exquisite designs, services, and breathtaking locations.
When you are looking for a villa in Mauritius, you need to make sure that it is in the ideal spot. Living there must keep you isolated from the hustle and bustle so that you can relax yet it is important that some of the famous tourist attractions, towns and airports are nearby for convenience and enjoyment. That is where our self-catering White Oaks Villas in Mauritius come to your rescue.

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Our Location
Sitting perfectly among the fresh and pristine beaches of Pointe aux Piments, White Oaks Villas lay close to the lively, bright and bustling town of Grand Bay, just 15 km away from the historically culturally rich city of Port Louis and around 45 mins away from the Plaisance airport.
The grand structures of the villas stand in front of the turquoise waters and quiet beaches, that offers its guests the experience of a lifetime. From romantic beach walks with your lover, solitary sunbathing or playing beach sports with your friends and family you will find no better villas in Mauritius than White Oaks Villas.

Why Choose White Oaks Villas for the Holidays in Mauritius?

Apart from being at the perfect location, White Oaks Villas were made for the utter comfort and pleasure of its guests. The interiors and elegance of each villa are unique. It is meant to provide a diverse experience to every person from the children to the adults. Not only the outdoors provides an exquisite view, but even inside the villas, you can attain serenity from the sheer beauty of nature surrounding the villas.

These self-catering villas in Mauritius also offer a multitude of services such as daily housekeeping, babysitting services, car rentals, arrangements for sight-seeing and tours and much more.

Our Every Season Package
Keeping in view the current demands of the tourists, White Oaks Villas has decided to offer a 10% discount on all of its villas starting from now till the 1st of October, 2019. Covering a range of seasons, we are welcoming people to come and enjoy in Mauritius. You can enjoy the warm breezes of summer or the cold breezes of winters all at a discounted price with us. You cannot find better villas in Mauritius than the White Oaks Villas.

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