What clothes should you bring with you on your trip to Mauritius?

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If you’re staying at a resort on Mauritius, men are expected to wear long pants when dining at a restaurant. As for the women, if you dress smart, you can wear skirts or smart looking pants if you like. Once you have left the restaurant feel free whatever makes you comfortable. Below is a few tips that should help with the packing:

During the summer (December-February)
If you plan to visit Mauritius during the summer months then should plan to bring only summer clothing, preferably light, loose fitting material made out of cotton. Don’t plan to walk around wearing denim jeans since they’ll stick to your legs when you sweat and also you’ll be far too hot.

Remember, you came to Mauritius to escape from the cold, so make sure you don’t forget to soak up some of the sun’s rays in order to get your daily dose of vitamin D3. That means you should at least allow 10 minutes exposure to direct sunlight. After this time, you should then cover up and avoid getting sunburnt. Of course, if you’re going swimming, remember to apply water repellent sunscreen.

During the winter (June, July and August)
During the winter, you should plan to bring some warmer clothing with you for going out at night. During the day, most of the time near the coast, especially along the western side of Mauritius, you can probably wear summer type clothing.

The eastern and southern coastlines will be quite windy at times and at least 2°C cooler than the western side of Mauritius. So in the these parts of Mauritius, you will feel quite comfortable wearing a pair of jeans and a loose fitting top.

Even though winter is much cooler than it is in summer, you should still protect your skin from sunburn if you plan to stay out in the sun for prolonged periods of time. It should be okay for you to spend at least 15-20 minutes in the sun before you need to apply sunscreen.